Ihsoy is a doppelganger and a color changing Yoshi. Ihsoy joined Mario after he wanted to become a hero to save the world from Oiram.


Ihsoy has different forms as shown in the picture. These are the forms:

All of Ihsoy's forms.

Ihsoy Color Rank
Green Ihsoy Green Weakest
Pink Ihsoy Pink Second Weakest
Blue Ihsoy Blue Ice Controller
Sand Yellow Ihsoy Sand Yellow Sand Controller
Dark Pink Ihsoy Dark Pink Magic
Orange Ihsoy Orange Stronger
Red Ihsoy Red Stronger Then Orange
Purple Ihsoy Purple Queen
Black Ihsoy Black

Second In Command

White Ihsoy White Leader


Attacks While VillianEdit

Attack Effect
Change Ihsoy changes it's color.
Orb Ihsoy fires an orb at Mario.

Ihsoy ground-pounds Mario.

Shockwaves Ihsoy creates shockwaves to damage Mario.

Ihsoy calls mind-controlled Yoshi to attack Mario.

Explosion Ihsoy claps his hands and tries to explode Mario.

Attacks While HeroEdit

Attack Effect

Ihsoy jumps on the enemy.

Defend Ihsoy defends Mario.
Orb Ihsoy fires an orb at the enemy.
Shockwaves Ihsoy fires shockwaves to damage the enemy.
Ground-Pound Ihsoy ground-pounds the enemy.
Change Ihsoy changes color.
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